BiPAP specifications guide


BiPAP Auto
Modes Fixed bi-level Fixed bi-level
Auto bi-level
Ramp (5-45 minutes) Adjustable Adjustable
Altitude adjustment Automatic Automatic

Comfort features
Flex comfort Bi-Flex Bi-Flex
Flex demo modes BiPAP
System One Humidity Control Standard Standard
System One Resistance Control Standard Standard

BiPAP Pro BiPAP Auto
Encore patient management
Data transfer modes
Phone-in EncorePro 2 & EncoreAnywhere Hours of use
Compliance VIC
Hours of use
Compliance VIC
SD card EncorePro 2 & EncoreAnywhere Standard Standard
Modem EncoreAnywhere Optional Optional
Data capture
Patterns of use Standard Standard
Advanced event detection and reporting AHI, FL, RERA, snore, leak, CA, OA, HY, PB AHI, FL, RERA, snore, leak, CA, OA, HY, PB
Advanced event response N/A FL, RERA, snore, leak, OA, HY
Flow waveforms Standard Standard

AHI: Apnea Hypopnea Index OA: Obstructed Airway Apnea
CA: Clear Airway Apnea PB: Periodic Breathing
FL: Flow Limitation RERA: Respiratory Effort Related Arousal
HY: Hypopnea VIC: Visual Inspection Check